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Combined Risk Assessment & Method Statement CRAMS Template v5

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1. Assessment Details

Persons at Risk

2. Generic Risk Assessments

Tick all that apply

3. Any risks that are not covered by the Risk Assessments listed previously

Detail the Risk involved, and how you are going to minimise or remove it.
(These precautions must be signed off by Supervisor before work commences.)

What is the Hazard / Risk? Risk Level What are you going to do to minimise or remove it? New Risk

Add Hazard

Hazardous materials

4. Personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements

Tick to confirm which items are required and present

(EN 397)
(BS EN 345-1)

(BS EN 388)

(EN 352-1)
Fall arrest Respiratory Protection Other

5. Training / Equipment / Plant / Tools Required

Tick to confirm which items are required and present

6. Permit to work

Which permits are required?

7. Method of Work

Give a step by step guide of how you will complete the task.

8. Complete the Assessment

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